True Cyclonic Maintenance

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For True Cyclonic Models: 260, 466Q, 566Q, 760 & MaxAir

The dirt canister is the removable lower portion of the power unit.The canister needs to be removed and emptied when it is 2/3 full.


The motor guard screen should be cleaned each time you empty the dirt canister.The motor guard screen is located directly above the dirt canister inside the power unit. The guard screen is NOT removable. It is designed to prevent

lightweight fibers from entering the motor impeller blades. A buildup of material on the guard screen may result in a loss of vacuum.


Follow These Steps ( refer to Figures 1-3 at the bottom of the page)

Make sure the power unit is OFF.


1.Unlatch and remove the dirt canister. Latches are located on opposite

sides of the power unit. (Fig. 1)


2.Remove the dirt canister. Hold or place the canister under the power

unit to catch the debris removed from the guard screen. ( Fig. 2)


3.Using a long handled brush, such as a clean toilet brush, insert the

brush through the bottom of the dirt cone reaching to the guard screen.

Gently sweep the screen to remove the debris. ( Fig. 3)


4.Dispose of the dirt and debris captured in the dirt canister.

5.Raise the dirt canister to the proper location under the power unit and

engage the latches. Be certain the dirt canister is seated properly to the

gasket on the body of the power unit.