Troubleshooting Our Systems

Motor Fails to Turn On

If the system fails to turn on when engaged, check the following:

  • Check the main fuse or circuit breaker at the main power supply panel of your home. Reset breaker or replace fuses if necessary.
  • Check the power unit reset button located above the power cord. Pressing the button should restore operation.

  • If the circuit protector continues to trip after a short period of time the motor brushes may be worn out. Contact us. 


Loss of Vacuum

If the system shows a loss of vacuum power, check the following:


  • The dirt canister may need cleaned or the filter/bag may need replaced—follow instructions in this guide, depending on unit type.


  • The hose may be clogged- To check if there is an obstruction, unplug the hose and insert an object that is smaller than the diameter of the hose (a butter knife works well). Pass the object completely through the hose, if it stops, that will indicate where the obstruction is located. A wipe can be inserted into the hose to help push the obstruction through.

  • The dirt canister may not be property seated to the gasket- Follow instructions in this guide for replacing the dirt

canister depending on unit type.


  • Tube lines may be obstructed- First check the 90° elbow located directly behind the inlet valves, if an obstruction occurs it will usually not make it past this elbow. If the obstruction is not visible at the elbow, attempt to purge the tubing at each inlet valve. To do this, connect the hose and use your hand to stop airflow at the end of the hose for a couple seconds, let airflow resume. Repeat if necessary.

If none of this work please contact us 920-468-6598 or