Filtered Cyclonic Maintenance

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Emptying the Dirt Canister &

Maintenance the Filter

For Filtered Cyclonic™ Models: FC300, FC550, FC650 &


The dirt canister is the removable lower portion of the power

unit. The canister needs to be removed and emptied when it is

2/3 full. The filter should be replaced at least once a year.

NOTE:When the dirt canister is removed the cyclonic cone

will be visible. The cone is held in place with a friction seal

designed to hold the cone to the body of the power unit

when the canister is removed. The cone can be removed

by pulling on it. This allows access to the filter.

Follow These Steps (refer to Figures 1-4 at the bottom of the page)

Make sure the power unit is OFF.

1.Unlatch and remove the dirt canister. Latches are located on opposite

sides of the power unit. (Fig.1

2.Remove the cyclonic cone. (Fig. 2)

3.Turn the filter latch (counter-clockwise) on the bottom of the filter and

align it with the slots in the filter base.(Fig. 3)

4.Remove the filter and gently tap it on the inside of the dirt canister to

remove the loose dirt and debris. The filter should be replaced at least

once a year. If it is time to replace it, models FC300, FC550 and FC650

can use any of the 7” or 10” filters and model FC1550 can use either 10”

filter available.(Fig. 4)

7" Filter - 8106-01, 10" Filters - 8107-01, 8107-01-HEPA

5.Lock the filter in place by turning the filter latch clockwise until you feel

it snap into place. (Fig. 3)

6.Dispose of the dirt and debris captured in the dirt canister.

7.Seat the cyclonic cone on the dirt canister.

8.Raise the dirt canister to the base of the power unit and engage the

latches. Be certain the dirt canister is seated properly to the gasket on

the body of the power unit.