Disposable Bag Maintenance

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For Disposable Bag Models: DB3000, DB5000, DB7000, DB8000

& DB9000

The dirt canister is the removable lower portion of the power unit.

Follow These Steps

Make sure the power unit is OFF.


1.Unlatch and remove the dirt canister. Latches are located on opposite

sides of the power unit.


2.Remove the used bag by rotating the cardboard header and pulling

down from the plastic bag adapter.


3.Pull off reorder information and seal the bag opening with adhesive

flap. Discard used bag.

4.Install new bag by folding over the flap, exposing the hole in cardboard

header. Do not remove reorder information from flap until ready for

disposal. Align the slots in the cardboard header with the tabs on the plastic bag adapter. Push the cardboard header firmly onto the adapter

and rotate 45° to ensure that the slots are no longer aligned with the tabs.


5.Raise the dirt canister to the base of the power unit and engage the latches. Be certain the dirt canister is seated properly to the gasket on

the body of the power unit.